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About us

How can we hold corporations accountable with their marketing practices?

Driven by their pursuits that prioritize profits, corporations around the world are often violating human rights and other legal and ethical measures through their inappropriate marketing practices. The advent of digital marketing has propelled them to expand their influence beyond national borders.


A key question remains ever more relevant – how can we hold corporations accountable for their marketing practices that are undermining health?


Supported by FHI Solutions’ Innovation Incubator, the Corporate Accountability Tool & Communications Hub (CATCH) embraces the concept of digital transformation to provide a virtual platform designed to hold corporations accountable by monitoring marketing practices in areas such as food, tobacco, and alcohol.


CATCH is disrupting the status quo by using artificial intelligence (AI) and supervised machine learning through the Virtual Violations Detector (“VIVID”), designed to autodetect large amounts of violations on digital platforms. Harnessing its connection to key actors and partners, it then communicates the findings to raise awareness and prompt change.

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